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Mid-Autumn Festival Events

2019-09-10 00:38:00

Attention, Heroes!


Mid-Autumn Festival comes! Come to join quests and win wonderful gift!

Duration: September. 11th - September. 17th


Talk to Moon Hare (CronusCity 344,394) know about Mid-Autumn Festival Quest.

Lunar Hound Crisis: Pay a visit to Theresa (339,384) in Cronus City. She promises wonderful rewards for heroes who help drive away the Sky Dog.


Cloudy with a Chance of Moon Cake:  Your Mid-Autumn Festival wouldn’t be complete without tasting a Moon Cake.  During the celebration from September 11 to 17, RuRu (313,558) will host a grand parade and give away delicious Moon Cakes every day.


Moonlight Relics: As the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, the power of moon reaches a peak and unseals the Moonlight Relics where numerous treasures were buried. Lv.90+ heroes with 200 BP can talk to Bob to enter the Moonlight Relics twice a day from 07:30 September 11 to 23:59 September 17.


Moon EnjoymentLv.90+ heroes are invited to appreciate the most beautiful full moon by the Illusive Heart Lake and receive a blessing from the Lunar Goddess. Elieen sends heroes there between 18:00 to 23:59 every day from September 11 to 17.


Treasure ParadiseDuring event period, Lv.90+ heroes can collect Golden Keys, Silver Keys, and Bronze Keys by participating in celebrative events for Teachers’s Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Moonlight AuctionMoonlight Auction, from September 11 to 17, is the best sales that you definitely cannot miss this autumn. Heroes are required to pay their bid with Silver Moon Fragments which can be collected by participating in celebrative events of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Treasure Raider: During event period, Lv.90+ heroes claim a Heart Lake Treasure Map from Treasure Hunter Simon and go to the Illusive Heart Lake to hunt treasures.


Click here to learn the detailed walkthrough of Mid-Autumn Festival Quest.