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Hot Music Star Pack Screenshot Event for New Comers

2019-08-24 06:59:00

Greeting, Heroes!


From August 24th to 31st, new comers who have created their account id during August 1st to 31st can claim the code of Hot Music Star Pack on our Facebook fan page. The code will be posted on August 24th.

Hot Music Star Pack is tradable, but once you open the pack then all items inside will be bound and untradable.

You can also post the screenshots about garment/halter/hairstyle/toy from Hot Music Star Pack by commenting below to win EPs and PPs. Link:





What can we get from the Hot Music Star Pack?


You can get Music Star Hairstytle Card(30-days), Music Star Garment Bag (30-days) , Cute Pirate Lamp (30-days), Halter Chasing Warship(30-days).


Music Star Hairstytle Card(30-days),+Music Star Garment Bag (30-days)


Halter Chasing Warship(30-days)




How to claim the code?


Step 1: Claim the code from our Facebook event post during August 24th to 31st.

Step 2: Click the button "Verify your gift pack code" on the page and choose your character.


Step 3: Claim the card by clicking NPC Lorraine (Cronus 220, 631)


Note: The code can only be exchaged within August 24th to Sep 3rd.