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Reward List of EO Survey

2019-08-09 11:46:25

Hello heroes!


There are hundreds of people participating in our EO survey. Thank you so much for your participation. Most of your suggestions are very thoughful. EO Staff will consider them and maybe make change in EO by them. Here are people who get reward!  Go check it and see whether you are on the list. The prize will be sent after August 14th maintenance.

Character Name Server Reward
THE!END Ophiuchus 1380 EPs
StunningZ London 1380 EPs
Xeneron Aries 1380 EPs
BlueArrow London 1380 EPs
Khaleesi Scorpio 1380 EPs
Angel0fDeath Eylsium 1380 EPs
RAMBO1981 LA/LasVegas 1380 EPs
Ashk20 JIN 1380 EPs
Asuna632 London 1380 EPs
XxHermixX Aries 1380 EPs
Shadow_Wing NewYork/Toronto 1380 EPs
Necro~Bia Eylsium 1380 EPs
Lindorie Newyork/toronto 1380 EPs
~Freyja~ Ophiuschus 1380 EPs
Katherina#59 London 1380 EPs
Eladriel Aries 1380 EPs
~*Batman*~ London 1380 EPs
UmaiPayakTV Jin 1380 EPs
Lythael Scorpio 1380 EPs
~*Viella*~ London 1380 EPs
*Janou* London 660 PPs
*CT* NewYork 660 PPs
_:Kromede:_ NewYork 660 PPs
Ras~al~Ghul Elysium 660 PPs
Atlanna Elysium 660 PPs
~Lilith~ Aries 660 PPs
***WinsellE*** NewYork/Toronto 660 PPs
Veee- London 660 PPs
Thousand~Master NewYork/Toronto 660 PPs
OedipusRex Scorpio 660 PPs
Lord~Thunor Aries 660 PPs
Shadowgio Elysium 660 PPs
EVE NewYork/Toronto 660 PPs
Defcon1- London 660 PPs
Clutch Eylsium 660 PPs
SpiritDevil Aries 660 PPs
*Im~The~One* Cronus 660 PPs
SK Scorpio 660 PPs
WORF NewYork 660 PPs
kaiiden NewYork/Toronto 660 PPs
Themistocles Cronus 660 PPs
~GranDuke~ Cronus 660 PPs
il-Vec Scorpio 660 PPs
Castiel Scorpio 660 PPs
Rezor NewYork/Toronto 660 PPs
Kamasutra~ LA/LasVegas 660 PPs
FighteR Aries 660 PPs
NecroBaby Aries 660 PPs
Ezrail Eylsium 660 PPs
<<<mohamed>>> NewYork/Toronto 660 PPs