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New Server Event - GM Private Collection

2019-04-17 18:20:16

Hello Heroes!


Period: April. 21st - 22rd 1AM, 3AM, 1PM(GMT)


It said that GM hides a lots of treasure in the cave like a dragon. As there are many new heroes come in new server, she decides to go out and give valuable present to heroes who can find her.

During event period, GM Emma will show in new server Elysium and hide in somewhere. She will tell you her position thourgh BC before event begins and trade the GM Lucky Box with the first person who find her by one gold. Pay attention to the broadcast during event period! If you find GM firstly, don`t forget to talk to her and wait for her trading request! After trading, GM will throw some items in the ground, so if you miss the trading, don`t leave and you can also pick items around GM! 

There are three rounds per day(The 1st round at 1AM, the second round at 3AM and the 3rd round at 1PM) and give three people reward per round.

You can get one of these items in GM Lucky Box(one character can only get box once):



Divine Moon box


Super Beryl Gem


Skybreaker Pack


Frostwolf Ghost Pack


Divine Elemental Armor Box


Super Citrine


This is GM appearance, don`t get the wrong person!