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Notice Regarding VIP Club Updated

2019-08-16 15:22:17

Hello Heroes!


We are gald to announce that the VIP Club will be updated on September 2nd and the reward of VIP Club will be changed completely at that time. Meanwhile, there are also some changes in rule. Please read carefully about the new rule of it below:


1. The period of ticket validity will be 3 months and the expired ticket will be cleared on the 1st of each month. For example, on the Octorber 1st, the ticket you earned in June will be cleared. Thus, it means when the VIP Club is updated on Sept 2nd, the ticket you earned before June will be cleared. So please use them in store in time!

2. Due to the rule one, when you exchange gifts in store, the earlier tickets will be used first. For example, you earned 100 tickets in April and 200 tickets in May, and when you exchange gifts in June, you will use the tickets you earned in April first. You can check the date of your earning at My Ticket in VIP Club.

3. The Growth Reward and the Monthly Rewards will be removed from gift store. Growth Reward will be added into store to let you keep exchanging and there will be new Monthly Reward in game as well. 

4. The reward in gift store will be renewed, including items related to Divine Fire, EPs Card(Only for VIP 6) and so on. The older items will be removed after update.

5. The VIP Club will be shut down at 0:00 on August 30th to be maintained and be opened again on September 2nd. Please use your tickets in time, or they will be cleared.


We are expected that the new VIP Club will be updated on September 2nd. If there are any changes in period or rule, we will inform you in advance on website! Please stay tuned.

Thanks all your support!