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FAQs - Sociality

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1. At what level can I create a Legion? What are the requirements?
2. How do I join/quit a Legion?
3. I have already joined a Legion. Why am I still a pre-member?

1. What are Mentors and Apprentices?
2. How will I benefit from being a mentor?
3. How can I become a mentor?
4. Why can't I make a mentor Announcement?
5.How do I upgrade my mentor level?
6. If I have a mentor, will I get less experience?

1. Is there a limit to your friends list?
2. Can I remove a name from my friend's list?
3. What is the difference between a common player and a friend?
4. What is an enemy list for?
5. Why isn't there any response when I click an enemy's name and why does it say, "Network congested, failed to get your enemy's information."
6. Will my PK Points increase if I kill an enemy?
7. How do I get married?
8. What happens once you get married?