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FAQs - Basic Info

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1. How do I switch between walking and running?
2. How do I move from one map to another?
3. Can I attack an NPC in the game?
4. How can I talk to an NPC?
5. If I get lost and am surrounded by monsters, what should I do?
6. What does random teleportation do?
7. How do you pick up game items? Any hotkey?
8. How do I attack monsters?
9. Can I change the angle of my view?
10. How can I check my status in the game?
11. Will running reduce your SP?
12. Are there warehouses in the game?
13. How can I find where I am in the mini-map?
14. Can I zoom in and out of the mini-map?
15. The maps are too complicated, I am always getting lost, what can I do?
16. How do I access the information toolbar?