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1. The Divine Path

Q: Why can't I upgrade my Expansion Skill to LV 2?
Q: What is the Divine Level Cap?
Q: Why I failed in improving the quality of the Divine Equipment even if dozens of God Tears I spent?

2. Featured Function

Q: Why I suffer great loss in Timber Delivery?
Q: If my booth is purchased by other players, where do I collect my foregift?
Q: How to claim the EXP contributed by my friends.
Q: Can a female character invite a male player?
Q: Can I challenge a player whose battle power is lower than me?
Q: Can I challenge the player who is offline?
Q: Why the NPC character can use skill without limitation?
Q: What will happen if I didn't claim my prize from celebrity hall for more than 3 days?
Q: Why I failed to log in my Mannequin and system tell me that connection time out?

3. Eudemons

Eudemon system is a huge and complex system. Here, we only list some of the frequently asked questions. Click the link to learn more about eudemon.
Q: Why my paladin character doesn't have wings even though I have a Pixie?
Q: Why can't I use Saint XO to compose eudemons?
Q: Why can't I summon my eudemon with the system reminder that my level is too low?
Q: Why my eudemon is a top attribute pet yesterday but not today?
Q: How to teach my eudemon skills?
Q: When can I have more cells in the hatchery?
Q: How to obtain a thunder eudemon?
Q: Why monster will not drop Taurus Furies egg?

4. Legion & Nobility

Q: Why my legion BP bonus effect disappeared?
Q: Why can't I enhance a Legion Totem?

5. Family

Q: Why I can't join the Family War on Friday and Saturday?
Q: How many members can a family have?
Q: I am the family leader, but why can't I expel a member in my family?

6. Mentor/Apprentice

Q: How to open home ware house?
Q: Why I can't upgrade my castle? Why the population in my castle never goes up?

7. Forging System

Q: Where does the talisman drop?

8. VIP System

Q: Why I am a Level 3 VIP in VIP center but a Level 1 VIP in game?
Q: Why can't I find the server list in the VIP center when I am about to bind the VIP service to my account?
Q: Why I can't sell my item to another player?
Q: Why my item is labeled as stolen item?