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Sweet Wish

Battle of Blossom Love in Lantern Sweet Wish


Sweet Wish


Aug. 14th – Aug. 20th

Magic Floral Card

[The 2019 Pink Rose Day events] Consume 1 card per entry to the Blossom Wonderland from August 14 to 20, or exchange for gifts after the event. Expires after Aug. 23.
50 Pink Roses
Expansion Scroll [B]
Description: A magic scroll, you can use it to extend the bag.
Luxury Star Box[B]
Description: It contains 16000 Star Points
Note:Only BP above 300 heroes can receive Magic Floral Card.


Special reward
Sweet Wish Pack
Description: [The 2019 Pink Rose Day events] Open it to get a random number of pink roses, up to 1314 roses! Expires after Aug. 20, 2019. 

Note :  The Sweet Wish Pack can only be got on Aug. 17th, the Pink Rose Day, after making wish with Pink Rose Envoy Sophie (346,365)



Above 90 level



Once per day





Key Item




Pink Rose Envoy Sophie
Location: Cronus (346,365)
Function:Introduction, guide, wish making, claim rewards.




From Aug. 14 to Aug. 20th, heroes above 90 level can find Pink Rose Envoy Sophie (346,365)to make a wish every day and get abundant rewards. One can make only one wish every day.

You can get random rewards such as Bouquet of Roses, Expansion Scrolls [B] and so on. If your BP has reached 300, you will get 2 Magic Floral Cards. The more wishes you make, the more likely to multiply the rewards, up to 3 times.

On Aug. 17th, the Pink Rose Day, heroes can get a Sweet Wish Pack in addition to the daily rewards. Open the pack to get a random number of pink roses, up to 1314 roses.