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Battle of Blossom

Battle of Blossom Love in Lantern Sweet Wish


Battle of Blossom


Aug. 14th – Aug. 20th


Lots of Pink Roses

Floral Blessing Pack
Description: [The 2019 Pink Rose Day events] This is for the 2019 Pink Rose Day. Open it to get a random number of pink roses. Expires on Aug. 21, 2019.


Battle Power above 300


No limit, consume 1 Magic Floral Card to join the quest


Cronus, Blossom Wonderland

Key Item

Magic Floral Card
Description:[The 2019 Pink Rose Day events] Consume 1 card per entry to the Blossom Wonderland from August 14 to 20, or exchange for gifts after the event. Expires after Aug. 23.  


Pink Rose Envoy Sophie
Location: Cronus(346,365)
Function: Guide, introduction
Flower Fairy Lorch
Location: Cronus(340,365)
Function: Guide, Teleport
Wonderland Manager Suker
Location:Blossom Wonderland(335,357)
Function:guide, teleport


From Aug. 14th to Aug. 20, heroes reaching Battle Power 300 can visit Flower Fairy Lorch in Cronus (340,365) to enter the Blossom Wonderland.

It consumes a Magic Floral Card to enter the Blossom Wonderland each time, heroes can choose to single or pair mode to enter the land. Heroes reaching 300 BP can collect Magic Floral Cards from the Sweet Wish event.

Besides, heroes can also exchange for one additional card in the eternal crystal exchange store in two periods from August 14th to 18th and August 19th to 20th.

To challenge the Ghostfire Lord Luton and the Ice Queen Lelise in the Central region, heroes must clear the Wind, the Flower, the Snow and the Moon regions in order, each given 10 minutes. You’ll liberate the Blossom Wonderland after defeating them all.

Defeat the Boss in Wind region to get lots of pink roses.

After defeat the Wind Wing, go to Flower region to kill the Floral Succuba.

Then kill the Frost Lord in the Snow region.

Then Kill the Immortal Lunar Wolf in the Moon region.

After defeating the bosses in the 4 regions, go to Central region to kill the Ghostfire Lord Luton and the Ice Queen Lelise.