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Ranger Heroes Assembly

Throne Scramble Ultimate Challenge Divine Fire Contest Ranger Heroes Assembly


Ranger Heroes Assembly


June 1st- June 15th


( Daily Ranking Reward ) 
Top 50 Ranger Level Ranking: 2000 Eternal Crystals
Top50 Ranger Divine Fire Ranking:30000 Star Points.
Top 50 Ranger Sacred Ranking: 3 Blessing Star [B]
(General Ranking Reward) 
Ranger level ranking:
Rank 1st-3rd1 Divine Griffin Halter [B], 1 Super Hero Forging Pack [B], 1 Deer Pet Card [B], etc.
Rank 4th-10th1 Divine Elemental Box [B], 1 Snow Griffin Halter [B], 1 Deer Pet Card [B], etc.
Rank 11th-20th:Rampant Griffin Halter, etc.
Rank 21st-50th 1 Expansion Scroll.
Ranger Divine Fire Ranking:
Rank 1st-3rd1 Genesis Legendary Flame Chest [B], +20% Attack [B], etc.
Rank 4th-10th 1 Infernal Flam Chest [B], +20% Attack [B], etc.
Rank 11th-20th1 Rare Legend Flame Chest [B], Divine Fire Crystals [B], etc.
Rank 21st-50th10 Divine Fire Crystals [B] 100000 Star Points.
Ranger Sacred Ranking: 
Rank 1st-3rd10 30*Divine Eudemon Pack, 2 Lv.4 Soul Potion, etc.
Rank 4th -10th5 30*Divine Eudemon Pack 1Lv.4 Soul Potion, etc.
Rank 11th-20th20 Divine Panacea Essence [B]、Universal Essence, etc.
Rank 21st-50th20 Universal Essence [B], etc.


Exclusive for Ranger Class



Key Item



Heroes Assembly Envoy Otto
Location: Cronus(249,470)
Function:Guide, Introduction, Reward.
Ranger Level Ranking
Location: Cronus(244,472)
Function:Guide, Check Ranking.
Ranger Divine Fire Ranking
Location: Cronus(245,465)
Function:Guide, Check Ranking.
Ranger Sacred Ranking
Location: Cronus(249,467)
Function:Guide, Check Ranking.


From June 1st to June 15th, all Ranger heroes can visit Heroes Assembly Envoy Otto in Cronus(249,470)to join the Ranger Heroes Assembly.

During the event time, all Rangers’ level, Divine Fire score and Sacred Points will be counted into the Ranger Level Ranking, Ranger Divine Fire Ranking and Ranger Sacred Ranking.

From June 1st to June 14th, at 23:30-23:59, the 3 rankings data will be calculated, and the Top 50 Rangers of 3 rankings cam claim the reward from 00:00 to 23:30 from Heroes Assembly Envoy Otto in Cronus(249,470.) The data of final ranking will be counted within June 15th 23:30 to 23: 59.
Note:Daily Reward of July 15th will not be available, instead, the final ranking rewards will be available.  

If some Rangers’ level, Divine Fire scores or Sacred Points are same, then the ranking is listed according to the time order the level, scores, or points reached.
During the ranking data processing time (23:30-23:59), the ranking cannot be checked.