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Mothers' Day Quest


May 10th - 13th  12:00, 15:00 and 17:30 server time.



Small Eudemon Crystal Pack, Small Eudemon Clover Pack,
Universal O Bag(B), Univeral XO(B), 6* Universal O (B), 12* Universal XO (B),25* Universal XO Pack (B),

Key Items


5 Carnations Bouquet

20 Carnations Bouquet

50 Carnations Bouquet

100 Carnations Bouquet

300 Carnations Bouquet

The beautiful Carnations Bouquets can be used to exchange for amazing rewards from Flora Wish Guard Carla or Flora Wish Guard Rita. These items will expire after May 13.

Flora’s Chest

Warriors who successfully defense Floria Wish have chance to open Flora’s Chest! The rewards are limited, only 30 warriors can open the chest.


All Servers




3 times per day




Flora Wish Guard Rita
Location: Cronus(417,446)
Function:Introduction, Exchange Rewards

Flora Wish Guard Carla
Location:Cronus(344, 399)
Function:Introduction, Exchange Rewards

Floria Wish
Location:Cronus (419,444)
Function: Introduction, Rewards.


From May 10th - 13th, to celebrate Mothers' Day, Floria Wish will appear outside Cronus( 419, 444) , Visit Flora Wish Guard Rita Cronus(417,446)or Flora Wish Guard Carla Cronus(344, 399)to learn more about the quest. 

During quest time, at 12:00, 15:00, 17:30 each day, the evil Floral King Kamina and his men will attack the Floria Wish outside Cronus.

When you kill these floral sprites, lots of carnation bouquets will drop, you can pick up these bouquets and exchange for awesome rewards from NPC Flora Wish Guard Rita Cronus(417,446) or Flora Wish Guard Carla Cronus(344, 399).

When all the Floral Guards and Floral Flamens are killed, the big boss Floral King Kamina will appear. Defeat the Floral King Kamina, and you will get tons of big Carnation Bouquets.

If the Floria Wish was successfully defensed, warriors have chance to open the Flora’s Chest. The rewards are limited, only 30 warriors can open the chest.