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Dark Forest

Dark Forest Fueling The Legion


Dark Forest


Battle Time :
During 19:30 and 19:45 of event day (Server time),  July 10th-July 23rd
Event day:
1st Stage Attack: July 10th and July 11th
2nd Stage Attack: July.12th and July.13th
Interval for 2 days.
3rd Stage Attack: July 16th and July 17th
4th Stage Attack: July 18th and July 19th
Interval for 2 days.
Final Stage Attack: July 22nd and July 23rd


Assist Reward Box 
Description: Get a random one from Genesis Flame Chest (B), Rare Legendary Fire Chest (B), 10000-Star Points Bag, etc.
Favorable EP Auction after the battle (For Top 50 of each class). Amazing rewards includes Luxury Divine Fire, etc.


Above 50 level.


1 time each event day 


Dark Forest

Key Item



Name:Free Wing Phoenix
Function: Introduction, guide, reward.

Rank of the Dark Force
Location: (342,390) Cronus
Function: Introduction, Rank Check.


From July 10th to 23rd, during 19:30 and 19:45 of each event day, heroes above 50 level can visit Free Wing Phoenix in Cronus (342,397) to join the Dark Forest quest. Go to Dark Forest and defend the homeland of elves.

Heroes dealing 30 million damage during each battle can claim an Assist Reward Box from Free Wing Phoenix(342,397)in Cronus. Please claim it soon after each battle.

The heroes who dealt more than 30 million damage and ranked among the top 50 of their class can also participate in a favorable EP auction after the battle.

Please click the Bonus Auction Button in the up right corner after the fight. The auction is from 19:46 to 19:56.

As the battle moves forward, the items for auction will be better, including luxury Divine Fire.